From our animals we produce a wide range of products, all available to purchase from the farm.

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Handmade Garments

Bespoke garments in a wide range of colours and styles

With such a fine selection of fibres it has been important to develop uses and examples of their strengths. Knitting and sewing, wet felting and needle felting are popular pastimes and once crafters see the products they are more aware of the infinite potential. We work to show knitted products, children’s products, felted products and unusual and original products. We use roller felting, wet felting, embellishing and needle felting to provide products and to inspire ideas. We have dyed fabrics so that we can show and advise on the different techniques.

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Luxury fibres

Broadlands Meadows Farm provides luxury fibres from our range of alpacas and angora goats. Alpaca fleece comes in natural shades of white, brown, black and grey but can also be dyed into powerful shades. Our spun yarns are generally sold in natural shades as the white yarn is fairly easily dyed to personal preference by knitters or weavers.

We use acid dyes to provide colours for our own handmade products. Alpaca fleece is naturally hypoallergenic and warm in use. The material becomes softer with washing and wearing. Angora fleece is soft and has a beautiful sheen. It is known as mohair - as distinct from angora which is the fleece from angora rabbits. Angora goats are white and the spun yarn is light and bright and it takes colour beautifully. We are also building up a collection of sheeps’ fleece because it encourages the survival of endangered breeds and provides different colours and textures.

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Carded Fibres

Carded alpaca fibres

We have a selection of carded alpaca fibres which can be used for spinning, wet felting, needle felting, embellishing or even weaving.
Craft workers may find other opportunities as they work the fibres. These are provided in natural alpaca fleece in shades of brown, black, grey and white. The white fibres can be easily dyed to personal preference.

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Dougall Oops!

Finely shredded and dried Alpaca Poo

Ideal as a top dressing: enlivens compost. 
Dig it in for superb crops. 
Long lasting slow release. 
Petersfield Poo not from Peru! Hand-picked and sorted just for you!

3 grades of Alpaca bean available:
Dougall Oops! - Finely shredded and dried
Dougall Black Gold! - Pure beans, freshly picked!
Dougall Black and Gold! - Beans and chopped straw

Comes in 100 and 350 gm recyclable packaging, available from the farm.
Available to buy in bulk at our farm or in 100 and 350 gm recyclable packets from Aylings Garden Centre, Trotton. 

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Hay and Haylage

Sweet wild meadow grasses and flowers are cropped from some 20 plus acres in June each year.  Much of this crop is fed to the livestock at Broadlands Meadows Farm, and the surplus is sold on.

NO artificial fertilisers are used on the land, the plants just grow naturally.

Wrapped bales of HAYLAGE  (equivalent to approximately ten conventional small square bales ): Usual Price £30

Conventional small square bales: Usual price £4.00

Local Delivery can be arranged

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